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Elongarrow 421007 RH Archery Recurve Bow Finger Tab

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Recurve Bow / Finger Glove / Finger Tab

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 421007 RH Finger Tab For Recurve Bow Archers
  • Various Color For Choice
  • Fashion Design Finger Tab
  • 18-Year Industrial Factory Manufacturer
  • One Of The Best Choice For Bow Archers

Product Details

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Elongarrow 421007 RH Archery Recurve Bow Finger Tab


Item No.:421007

Size: S,M,L (Stock size is:M)

Color: Red,Black,Blue,Purple,Gold,Pink

Material:Leather,Aluminum (Plate is aluminum)

Specify For RH Recurve Bow Archers

This Finger Tab Is Very Suitable For Archers Target Shooting And Excerises. 

扳指elongoutdoor2.jpgfinger tab2.jpgfinger tab1.jpgfinger tab6.jpg扳指elong outdoor1.jpg

Elong Outdoor Product Limited

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