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Elongarrow 3K Carbon Bowstand Bow Components For Archers

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Elongarrow 3K Carbon Bowstand Bow Components For Archers
  • 3K Carbon Material Bowstand
  • New Design For Bow Archers
  • Black Color Bowstand, fits all color bows
  • Professional in archery field for more than 18years

Product Details

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Elongarrow 3K Carbon Bowstand  Bow Components For Archers

Name:3k carbon bowstand


Material:3K carbon,Plastic,aluminum

Collapsed size:6cm diamater*59 cm  height

Unfold size:54cm diamater*63.1cm height



Suitable for all recurve bow archers use target shooting and exercises

We also can do OEM,ODM Archery related items for you

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