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Elong Outdoor 240032 ST-1 Carbon Stabilizer Set Archery Bow Accessories For shooting

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Reduce the bow vibration and stabilize the bow by increasing intertia
  • Carbon material, light weight,good hardness
  • Metal spray paint
  • Damper rubber material, shock absrption and sound absorption
  • 35°V bar

Product Details

Elong Outdoor 240032 ST-1 Carbon Stabilizers Set Archery Bow Accessories For shooting 

Constructed of high quality carbon

OD diameter: 17mm

Main pole: 30''

Side rod: 12''

Extension rod: 5''

Available color: Red, Black, Blue

Sets include: 1pc 30'' stabilizer, 2pcs 12'' side rod, 1pc 5'' extension, 1pc V-bar, 3pcs damper

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