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270130 68inches ILF Carbon Limbs Recurve Bow Limbs For Bow Archers

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 25H@68inches recurve bow limbs
  • 16-50lbs carbon fiber limbs for recurve bow
  • ILF interface , fit for all ILF bow risers
  • Can do OEM,ODM services
  • Professional bow and arrows manufacturer

Product Details


270130  68inches  ILF Carbon Limbs Recurve Bow Limbs For Bow Archers 

Item No.:270130

Size: 25H@68inches 


ILF interface


Process:Mould Press 

Draw weight: 16-50lbs

Suitable for all ILF recurve bow risers. 

Recurve bow limbs 47.jpgRecurve bow limbs 46.jpgRecurve bow limbs 02.jpgRecurve bow limbs 45.jpg

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