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Gladi barebow asia championship 2024
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Gladi barebow asia championship 2024

   In the past gladi barebow championship, we were really touched.

  The excellent archery skills of the archers, the PK competition between different team archers, and finally the championship match.

After 3 days of archery competition, we saw many touching moments.

  The perseverance and never-give-up spirit of archers are worth learning from.

  At the same time, we are also very surprised to see many archerusing our Nika archery /Elong Outdoor brand 's bow limbs, bow risers and other archery arrows and accessories on the competition field.

  It's really a surprise, and we are very grateful to the archers from all over the world for their support and love.

  We will also continue to improve our services and develop more high-quality products to meet the needs of different archers!

  We will also continue to promote the development of the archery industry and let more people experience archery and fall in love with it!

  Elong Outdoor &Elongarrow Team

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