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Elongoutdoor and Nika archery Brand story
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Elongoutdoor company was established in Dongguan, Guangdong in 2004.

The original intention of the establishment originated from the founder ian's love and pursuit of archery!

In the early years of establishment, we mainly provided OEM and ODM services for international brands in archery products.

At the same time, we have been committed to promoting the promotion and development of archery.

Due to the continuous expansion of business, the company moved to Boluo County, Guangdong in 2015. And in the same year, it applied for the "Elongoutdoor" brand. The "Yi" of "Yilong" is taken from the allusion of the ancient Chinese myth "Hou Yi shoots the sun", which means constantly challenging the limit and surpassing the dream. "Dragon" has the meaning of national spirit; "Yilong" means a national bow and arrow brand that constantly innovates and surpasses itself.

The following year, in an accidental school archery competition, ian noticed that bows suitable for teenagers were scarce. In order to allow more teenagers to find their own fun and discover the secrets in archery, he resolutely applied for the " Nika (Nika archery)" brand, "Ka" is called "Sun God", which means sunshine, warmth and confidence like "Sun God". "Nika" comes from a variant of the Greek word meaning victory. The brand meaning of "Nika archery" is to wish the shooters sunny and cheerful, and have the belief that they will never give up. In order to let more adults and teenagers know about archery, we launched a public archery course with the theme of "nika archery" to promote and carry forward the famous archery sport. With continuous development, the products of the "Nika archery" brand series have also derived from the original youth bows to youth bows, children's bows, and adult bow series.

After several years of ups and downs, elongoutdoor has also won the appreciation of many archers with its excellent reputation!

The original intention has not changed, and the love has not diminished.

" pursue excellence, profession, high quality!" The future is with you!

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