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Archery story of Felipe
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                          Archery Story Of Felipe

 Why did you become interested in archery?
 Everyone may be different.
 Let's take a look at the story of how felipe got involved with archery.And his true experience with nika archery equipment.
 Following is Felipe's story!
 My name is Felipe Peralta, and this is a brief history of why I am in archery. It was basically by pure coincidence. Initially, I played soccer, but my brother started practicing archery because my cousin was practicing. Later, I wanted to try to see what that sport was like. Sometime after, I retired from soccer.
 I have been in archery for approximately two and a half years, where I have achieved several triumphs in my category at the departmental, national, and international levels.
 Thanks to NIKA ARCHERY, that has believed in me. I have been using my NIKA ARCHERY implementation, which has been going very well. I feel like the grip on the ET11 Protoss grip is comfortable and soft; Shooting is comfortable and satisfying. My N3 Pro limbs and arrows have exceeded my expectations.
 I have done very well, and generally, I have always been on the podium. The colors of my bow are the ones I like the most (black and red), which coincidentally are NIKA's colors. My bow has been admired among my peers.

 Thank you very much for felipe that sharing his story for us. ,And we wish you continued success!
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