Elong Outdoor Product Limited

About Us

Elong outdoor Product Limited is located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, which was established in 2004. Since the enthusiasm in Archery sports, we started to enter this industry. Our founder has full experience in related field.

At the beginning, we mainly process arrow for our foreign clients. Then we perfect our factory continually, like developing our own brand arrow, bow, youth bow, protective gear and other related archery accessories step by step. Until now we have a modern workshop area of about 11,680 square meters. such as stamping workshop, lathe workshop, plastic workshop, high-tech materials workshop, assembly workshop, quality control department, materials department, R&D department. At present, we can produce 20,000 arrows per day, and various types of accessories.

We appreciate OEM&ODM Project Corporation. After 17year's development, our products are hot selling both in home and abroad. To achieve such development and achievements, except our whole team efforts, it’s also inseparable from the support of customers.

The purpose of us is always be: pursue excellence, profession and high quality!